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Legal Beats: A Rap on Following the Law in the USA

Yo, listen up, I got something to say

About the law in the USA

It’s not just about what they say

But how you follow it, day to day

When it comes to following the law, here’s what you gotta do

Understand the rules, and stick like glue

Death penalty in Florida, it’s a serious situation

Know your rights and legal foundation

Is it legal to bet on sports in Missouri? You gotta check

Make sure your bets won’t bring you to wreck

Debt cancellation and suspension, a topic so wide

Understand the contracts, and take it in stride

Looking to buy a car? How ’bout a flight?

Check out this purchase agreement for cars that’s legally tight

When it comes to taxes and bills, don’t act blind

London Borough of Ealing council tax, a must-watch grind

Free legal agreement forms, get ’em while they’re hot

Make sure to have ’em ready, for when you need them on the spot

Thinking of starting a business in the UAE?

Check out the costs and legal fees, it’s a necessity

Sur Ron, road legal in Canada? It’s a mystery

Understand the laws, and create your own history

Michigan’s got rules for diseases, a strict land

Know the guidelines, give it a hand

Following the law, it’s not just a trend

Make sure you know it, from start to end