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Modern JS development with Angular

“What if we had a robust and complete front-end solution for making high-performance and supremely scalable applications?”. That is probably what developers at Google thought when they devised AngularJS. Nearly a decade (and a complete rewrite in 2016) later, Angular sits atop of frontend frameworks. Why is that?

Angular flawlessly solves the widest variety of software development problems that center around building apps with its powerful data binding and other features. While web apps remain its main focus, it may just as well be used to build mobile web and native apps, or even desktop software. While other solutions need to be combined with various tools to capture all aspects of the modern app development, Angular does most of the job by itself.

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Fast development

Angular provides top-quality, ready-made solutions, templates and components

Versatile use

You can build web apps, mobile web apps, native mobile apps and even desktop software

Awesome user experience

Once the app is ready, it wows its users with game-changing speed and responsiveness

Best practices

Imposes patterns and best practices that put you on track to build an efficient app

All-in-one approach

Since it's robust, you can limit external dependencies to a selected number of trusted solutions

Focus on business

It's used, developed and trusted by the biggest and most innovative companies in the business

Advantage from the Angular framework to build:

How we build React Native development team for you

React Native development services can be used to develop Android applications that feel and perform in every way as well as mobile apps written in Android’s native language (Java). What’s more, developers can use both JavaScript and Java simultaneously. By communicating with the native SDK and working in the background to bring UI elements to the user, it doesn’t run into many performance problems typical for frameworks that take advantage of WebView.
The same goes for iOS mobile application development. React Native communicates with Apple’s system native platform to serve ready-made elements of the user interface. It can be used alongside programming languages typically used for iOS development (Objective-C and Swift). A lot of the code written during React Native app development can be used to deliver both iOS and Android applications. Code reusability often results in shorter mobile app development time and better performance. You can even deliver a single app and release it on both iOS and Android.
Just like React, React Native makes it easy to develop faster interfaces that update in real-time, making for great user experience in your mobile apps. React Native app development provides programmers with tools to create beautiful, fast, and highly interactive mobile app user interfaces that feel in every way native. This is why both React and React Native development services are favored by startups and companies that market to individual users.
Not only can you share a lot of React Native code between your various mobile applications, but you can also reuse some code and components from your React web application. This further improves the productivity of your team. Using the same programming language across your software may also help improve the cooperation between your team members. Today, JavaScript can be used as the foundation of nearly every element of your stack, including backend web development language.
React Native not only allows you to develop apps efficiently but also doesn’t force you to compromise on performance. It provides faster and much more reliable performance than hybrid applications or progressive web applications (PWAs). As the React Native environment becomes more and more mature, it finds ways to solve issues that may appear as the app becomes more complex. Its open-source nature makes it easy to find an answer to just about any performance challenge.
When your application gets really big, aspects such as state management and performance can become an issue. Productivity may suffer as the level of complexity of the system increases. But React Native is mature enough to have tools and solutions to all the typical scalability issues, including the popular state management library Redux/MobX. It makes it suitable for both MVPs and large ambitious projects. That’s why a development company that specializes in React Native development may be just what you need.

How we build Angular development team for you

You’re guaranteed to work with top developers only. First of all, we set high recruitment standards – only 5% of applicants are offered a job. Secondly – we take care of developers’ personal growth and motivation. Finally, our priority is to be effective and well-coordinated.
Lead developers

your team will get one. They are most experienced developers who take care of the right software development strategy and help the team with following it

Interdisciplinary skills

you can easily fill the gap between frontend and backend, and take advantage of our cloud experience

Delivery mindset

we work on business-oriented goals, so you start generating value from technology fast

Effective communication

you’ll quickly feel like we worked as your in-house team. Our process is fully transparent and cooperative. And obviously, everyone speaks English well.

We are the best

Why Tech Managers build their Angular teams with us

High seniority level and technical skills

Build your technology assets from the very beginning.

Ability to scale a team in days
Start small and scale your team quickly whenever you need it.
API-first approach
Build beautiful frontend without any changes to your backend
SEO-friendly code
Search engines will love your app. We’ll make your Javascript indexable and visible for Google
Newest trends in practice
Safely benefit from solutions such as Atomic Design, JAMstacks, Storybooks, SSR, PWA, and more
Battle-tested process
So you can easily adapt to change and stay on the track at the same time

Modern frontend for any backend

Thanks to API-first approach we’re able to work efficiently with your backend developers, no matter what your core technology is – Node.js, Java, .Net, Python, Ruby or other.

It means, you can build a modern JS frontend without any changes in the core of your app.

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