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Smartphones have evolved with time; 90% of people prefer to use mobile apps over accessing websites. Currently, we find people spending more time on their phones than on any other device, and we almost conduct all our necessary activities via our smartphones.

We are an innovative organization creating tailor-made mobile applications serving clients their visionary mobile application with the most exemplary applications. We have creative developers who are highly skilled in their expertise in developing any mobile application.

about react native

React was introduced by Facebook back in 2013, then gradually it was introduced into mobile applications as react-native. It is a unique process of constructing mobile applications through JavaScript and various other elements, resulting in compiled coding to the two most popular platforms: iOS and Android.

Why react native?

Why React Native?

React Native uses JavaScript and other elements familiar from the React library. The resulting code is compiled to technologies native for iOS and Android platforms; this way, you can deliver cross-platform native mobile applications.

Works under tight budget constraints one of the most important things clients consider when deciding to create a mobile application is the budget, fortunately, native react is very cost-efficient, native react will save you time and money.

Simple coding process with multiple outcomes and suppleness under one undemanding solution, user friendly for developers, it’s simple to transform a web page into a mobile application, and it also runs like a native app.

It has a smoother run-time with 3rd party plugins along with well-diversified modules. Since there is no cross-bridge linking and mostly the codes are used during run-time it only consumes a small amount of memory

about ionic

Ionic is well known for its ‘write once write anywhere’ motto that allows building and functioning apps across several platforms. Developing native apps separately for each platform and device can be costly and time-consuming to market. Cross-platform applications are a great solution to overcome this trouble, and ionic provides you with the perfect solution. Built on top of AngularJS and Apache Cordova, Ionic leverages the power of cutting-edge web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Sass to help developers build, test, and deploy.

Why Ionic?

Why Ionic?

The best thing about using ionic is it’s one code for all feature which will save a ton of money and time when it comes to developing a mobile application and it’s also easy to conducts test runs using a desktop browser or Cordova commands for iOS and Android.

This is free of charge and open-source with a stable, quick, reliable stimulate comfortable and easier use amongst all developers.

This includes Angular a popular framework that is used in both mobile and web apps taking advantage of its several features to build high-performance mobile applications.

Ionic has high standards of UI element along with the right to left language support which means, apps could be published in languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu it also has vibrant colors to display a better design

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