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Businesses continue to struggle to equip workers with sufficient technology

Both wage-earners and IT decision makers (ITDM) agree that technology, especially during the pandemic, is crucial for increased employee satisfaction. But it seems that “technology-driven employee satisfaction” is characterized a little differently by the groups.

According to a new report from Lenovo, ITDMs are more worried about the longevity of their technology investment than its impact on team engagement.

The vast majority of ITDMs polled for the report believe employees can easily switch to a different computer if the current one needs replacing, which isn’t something most employees agree with. Further, while ITDMs believe the integration of hardware and software will impact EX the most, employees simply want devices that work consistently.

ITDMs understand that they need to upgrade their devices, software and services if they are to improve the employee experience. But, despite their best efforts, employees are still frustrated. They claim their PCs are outdated or insufficient, their software often disrupts work and their tablets are sub-par.

In order to improve employee engagement and business outcomes through technology investments, Lenovo suggests ITDMs realign their investments, reorganize priorities, focus on PCs and involve employees in PC investment decisions.

“Our new study findings further affirm our belief in the strategic importance of technology as critical investments, and not as simple transaction costs. The right deployment of technologies delivering returns can far exceed the initial expense of new business models and opportunities,” said Christian Teismann, President, Commercial PC and Smart Devices Business at Lenovo.

“Given employees are a company’s greatest asset, the study further maps out opportunities to uplift the return on technology investment by focusing on PC devices and collaboration tools, while better involving employees in purchase decisions. In today’s new remote and hybrid work set-up, these steps are pivotal for companies in yielding opportunities that go far beyond the initial spend on their technology.


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