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We are getting ever closer to a time when our travel, work, or anyplace; maybe even including vacations will become virtual.

The advantage of video conferencing, notably throughout this COVID-19 pandemic, will not be having to go away house. Unless you could have individuals bringing the virus into your own home, the chances of catching the virus fall in case you can reduce down on going to the workplace or faculties and keep off of planes and public transportation. But even with one of the best instruments, you continue to haven’t got that very same feeling of being there and nonetheless are deprived towards those that take the dangers of going to the assembly or occasion venue.

We also need a virtual environment to work in, move from controllers to haptic gloves, and eventually to haptic suites or emersion pods. The first step is to get the headset right to capture the needed information and translate it into the virtual environment.

Last week HP announced HP Omnicept, which is a solution that begins with a special headset. Omnicept provides the critical elements needed to create a virtual meeting room and lays a foundation for creating a virtual world where many of us could eventually spend much of our time.

HP has taken a appreciable step to usher us to a future the place we actually can largely exist in a digital, reasonably than actual, workplace atmosphere; and never solely get extra achieved, however be safer as properly.


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