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Google Pay (Tez) gets new multi-colored logo in India

Google has begun rolling out new multicolor icons for the Google PayIndia app. A Google executive said on Twitter that the new icon is intended to reflect recent changes to the app. He added that product-like icons need to evolve. Google recently introduced new icons in many apps and services, including Gmail and Google Workspace products, but it wasn’t very popular with users. The new Google Pay icon hasn’t been released to all users yet, but it may become available to more users in the coming weeks.

Users can now pay each other, sell vegetables, pay invoices, trade stocks, and even travel virtually all over India. For many in India, GPay is effectively an alternative to a physical wallet, with cash, invoices, cards, tickets and more all written on Sengupta. It was pointed out that digital payment services have recently enabled NFC payments with credit cards and introduced ACE credit cards at Axis Bank. The new Google Pay icon is intended to reflect these changes and the evolution of digital payments in collaboration with the Indian ecosystem.

The new design doesn’t effectively convey that the icon belongs to an app for digital payments, but it fits well with Google’s minimalist look and is in line with recent icon changes by tech giants.


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