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Apple says its latest M1 Mac chip offers enhanced speed and battery life.

With industry-leading performance, powerful features, and incredible efficiency, M1 is Apple’s first chip designed specifically for the Mac

Apple’s next-generation macs will be using a new chip in its iPhone 12 named the M1, a big brother to the A14 chips, which Apple claims will offer its personal computers new power and battery life. the new MacBook air, Macbook Pro and Mac mini models are all powered by the same M1 chip. Over the next two years, the latest Macs will be replaced by higher-end versions as Apple steadily ejects Intel from its personal computers.

The processor in the Apple M1 based Macbook Air helps provide decent battery life up to 15 hours of web browsing and 18 hours of video. The processor speed is three and a half times faster than the previous Intel-based model, although apple said that the graphics are five times faster. Seems like the latest 13 inch Macbook Pro is up to three times faster than the best selling intel setup.

There are 16 billion transistors in the processor, a major improvement from the 11.8 billion   used in the A14 Bionic of the iPhone 12. That allows Apple to increase from six to eight the number of central processing cores, compared to the two on the iPhone 12, the M1 has four high performance cores for heavy-duty and four high-efficiency cored for low-priority activities.

Apple boasts the highest output per watt of power consumed by its M1 processor, is a main variable for a long battery life.


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