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Anatomy of Failure: Why It’s Problematic That Zuckerberg Is the Least Trusted Big Tech CEO

If you think about it, you have a CEO of a company that is designed to harvest user information and manipulate perceptions, and a company that still only sells hardware. There should be no competition; Facebook has the resources and experience to ensure that it is beloved. Nonetheless, Apple, which does not have anything close to that degree of achievement or dedication, as a much better image.

Its to be believed that this survey and the image of Zuckerberg show an enormous degree of malpractice, especially because Facebook seems to be so profoundly linked to the amount of false information currently surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, and I think it could potentially result in the mom of all class-action litigation in opposition to the organization.

For those who participate on Facebook, the organization has unparalleled information of you. It is aware of once you have been born, the place you prefer to trip, the place you’re employed, your title, your shut buddies (not less than these on Facebook), what makes you mad, and what makes you cheerful.  Facebook knows a lot about what you’re buying, who you’re going to vote for, and it also knows who you’ve voted for in previous elections.

It can exploit you, imitate you, and both do you nice harm, or, potentially help you out a great deal, with the degree of knowledge Facebook gathers on you. Harm can include aggregate feedback that has been remodelled to make you look sexist or racist. Doing you effectively can involve making you see people who have some leadership over your career in a positive manner or are likely to be happy to give you a job.

There is also little doubt Facebook has the capability to change the outcome of an election or change the impression of a sitting politician.

By pointing out false information that puts you at risk, it can either help keep you safe, or it can spread information that could put your life at risk.

With that kind of massive power, the person running the company needs to be trustworthy, because, if he or she isn’t, we are not only in a world of hurt individually, but likely in a world of hurt as a nation. I believe that by the end of the year it is very likely that we’ll conclude that, for the good of the nation, Facebook will need to be shut down, and it doesn’t need to end that way.


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