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PlayStation 5 Games For 2021: New Need For Speed And Battlefield Games To Release On PS5

Electronic Arts CEO and director Andrew Wilson recently revealed that a new Need for Speed and Battlefield game is in the making and will be arriving next year. At least six new games are going to be introduced on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X in the next financial year: April 2021 – March 2022.

This list is going to include new titles for the Need for Speed, Battlefield, and FIFA. The Battlefield game is going to release during the Holiday season in 2021, Need for Speed can be expected around November 2021 as compared with the release dates of all its past titles. The Need for Speed game is going to reveal some next-level visual improvements and is being developed by the Criterion team who has a record of releasing some of the top-rated NFS games.

A piece of good news is that both Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X / S consoles and Sony’s PS5 are going to support older hardware libraries and are also receiving a large number of cross-generation releases over the next few months. But both the platforms still have only a small collection of next-gen exclusive games. Unlike the PS5 platform, for the new Xbox, every exclusive game coming to this console system is also going to be playable on PC and previous-gen Xbox consoles.


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