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Google Photos adds paid color pop editing feature

You may find some instruments locked behind a paywall the next time you dive into Google Photos’ editing suite. Google is introducing a new take on its color pop feature as part of an ongoing rollout that users can apply to any picture, not just those that have depth data.

The catch is that before you can tweak your images with the latest color pop, you’ll need to subscribe to Google One. When Google first began rolling out users of the Photos feature, it seemed to be turning a previously free tool into something you have to pay for, but according to the company, that’s not the case.

“Color pop is a feature in Google Images that continues to be available to anyone to use for photos with depth information (such as portrait mode) at no cost,” a company spokesman stated. “As part of an ongoing rollout that started earlier this year, members of Google One can apply the functionality to many more people’s images, including those without comprehensive details.”


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