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Your Netflix Bill Is About to Go Up. Here’s Why.

Why did Netflix just announce they were raising prices for all U.S. customers?

Netflix is raising prices again in the US. The new price rise, the biggest in the streaming service’s history, will roll out over the next few months for people who already have the service but begin now for new subscribers. In all, 58 million people will be affected.

As of Thursday, the standard plan, Netflix’s most popular one, began costing $1 more, or $14 a month. A premium package which unlocks perks like 4K resolution, HDR image quality and the ability to stream on four devices at the same time, up from two costs $2 more at $18 a month.

Still, all but one of these plans is less than HBO Now ($15), and Netflix debuts seemingly half of all new programming on any given day. 

So, much like Bandersnatch, there’s really no good choice but to continue on.


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