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The Mandalorian’s Unique Rifle Is Nerf’s Latest Foam-Firing Star Wars Toy

If you’re like us, you are constantly keeping an eye out for any new merchandise that’s based on the hit Disney+ show, The Mandalorian. While we love Baby Yoda (Grogu as he is now known), it does feel that the merchandise market for Mando is a little oversaturated with our little green friend.

If you’re interested in something with a little more firepower then good news, Nerf has you covered with their new rifle. A fully foam-flinging replica of Mando’s phase-pulse blaster looks to be one of the longest Nerf guns that has ever been produced and it’s over four feet long! It’s a thing of beauty – check it out below:

Not only is this replica one of the best looking Nerf guns that we’ve ever seen, but it also features a light-up scope and accurate sounds (once you’ve added some AAA batteries). The team at Hasbro even went to the trouble of adding fake scratches and a bit of wear and tear so that it looks like it really does belong in the world of Star Wars. For a toy gun, the new Mandalorian Nerf gun looks surprisingly accurate when comparing to the real-life series prop:

The gun is loaded like an old-fashioned rifle so while it might not enable you to win any big Nerf battle that takes place at home or in the office, you will look the part if you turn up cosplaying Din Djarin. The gun uses the existing Nerf elite dart for reference.

Such detail obviously comes with a bit of a price tag and let’s just say it’s unlikely you’ll be wanting to buy one of these for your kids this Christmas as the rifle comes priced at $120.

As for when you can order this beautiful Mandalorian nerf gun, later today! We don’t have any page to share with you just yet but as soon as we see it listed anywhere we will be sure to share it.

Will you be purchasing the new Mandalorian nerf gun? Let us know in the comments below!


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