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WhatsApp Working On New Read Later Feature to Replace Archived Chats

Allegedly, WhatsApp is working on a Read Later feature, which is basically a rejig of what Archived Chats are now. As the name indicates, Read Later will keep all chats added to this list muted, and new message alerts will not be provided for these chats to avoid regular interruptions. Essentially, users can put all those groups and individuals that aren’t important to them in this Read Later section to have a less cluttered and organised main chat screen on WhatsApp.

WABetaInfo WhatsApp features tracker posted about the latest Read Later functionality. In the Whatsapp Android beta, enhancements to this feature have been found. There are instances of the Read Later functionality being in the pipeline for the latest WhatsApp for Android beta v2.21.2.2. WhatsApp for iOS beta v2.20.130.16 also had this function listed in November.

Of course, it is under development and even though you install the new version, you will not be able to see it. Once the feature is ready for testing, WhatsApp can launch it to beta users, before making it available to all commercial users.

In Chat Settings, users can reportedly easily switch off Read Later with just a toggle. All chats that have been maintained in Read Later will shift to the main chat portion with this one switch. There is no clarification as to when all users will have this functionality enabled.

WABetaInfo says that Read Later will sit exactly in the same position as Archived Chats, on top of the chat list. Tapping on the button will include an introductory banner that explains what it is about, “To reduce interruptions, chats with new messages stay here and you won’t get any notifications.” The tracker states that this feature is being improved by WhatsApp, and the new update brings a persistent alert that will be plastered at the top of the Read Later for users to be aware of its functionality.


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