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PUBG Mobile Season 18 Release Is Expected In March; These Are Upcoming Features

PUBG Mobile Season 18 might come by the end of March. Currently, PUBG Mobile players are enjoying the season 17 Runic Power. You will perhaps see the Karakin map in addition to new weapons.

PUBG Mobile Runic Power is ongoing in season 17 of the royal battle game, which will persist for few more weeks. Season 17 provided the players with exciting features like runic power. Presently, players are busy completing RP missions in season 17. But sharply after the season ends, PUBG Mobile will freeze the RP section for one day, and a reset will be made to the players’ rank while preparing for Season 18. This new season will feature a new Karakin map, a new vehicle, and many more features soon.

When it comes to the current state of PUBG Mobile in India, it is still banned there. Last year an order was issued by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY). Though, PUBG Corporation tried much time to help the game escape the ban and get permission, which proved of no use. 

If you have spent your time playing PUBG Mobile in the Beta mode, there is a possibility that you have received version 1.3.0 and the Season 18 features. However, PUBG Mobile might want to fix a few things, and then the update will be available to all players. Following the usual cycle, PUBG Mobile Season 18 is likely to be released on 21 March. 

How to play Season 18

A player may need to purchase a Royale Pass to start with the coming update in PUBG Mobile season 18. The Elite Pass comes with a cost of 600 UC, while an Elite Pass Plus costs 1800 UC. 

PUBG Mobile Season 18 features

Many features from beta 1.3.0 of PUBG Mobile will be included in the stable version. So, it is clear that players will have Karakin Map. After Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Livik, it will be the sixth royale map. The Karakin map is dry, filled with boulders, having an open environment. It is based on the North African coasts, stretching two kilometers. Moreover, the Karakin map is just compatible with Classic Mode having a maximum player of 64. Also, a Demolition Zone mechanic is featured on the map.

The new season will bring new weapons to you. Having the potential to destroy a wall after sticking to it by throw, a sticky bomb will be offered in the PUBG Mobile Season 18. After buildings are completely blown following the blast, new hideouts will be provided to the players to defend themselves from enemy attacks by hiding behind them. There are hidden spaces open to you only after you destroy the buildings using those sticky bombs. Moreover, a new firearm is named Panzerfaust. It will be used to shoot rockets that will explode when they hit a medium. This weapon will hit and damage thin walls and penetrate objects present within a six-meter range. However, this weapon can be used only once as it is for single use. Thus, it will be used once in gameplay. A new Mosin Nagant Sniper riffle is also worth mentioning. 

One of the TG Gamers shared a gameplay video of PUBG Mobile Season 18, which showed two new outfits, a new weapon, and equipment skins. The outfit will come with a modern assassin and a future and a future assassin. And the weapon skins come in color range, including a pink UZI skin, pink and yellow SCAR-L skin, and a golden, grey smoke grenade skin. A toy-like helmet skin is also given with a combination of green, pink, and yellow colors. You will also see a blue, camouflage themed parachute skin in Season 18.


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