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WhatsApp Highlights Key Milestones On Its 12th Anniversary

WhatsApp had been launched in February 2009 on the same date. The messaging app tweeted its milestones on its 12th anniversary.

The app mentioned that it has over 2 billion users each month that send 100 billion messages. It also highlights 100 billion calls on its app which are made each day. In February 2009, WhatsApp was launched with the concept of an app that lets “your friends and contacts know what you’re up to”. It then added simple text messaging on the app after a month.

It appeared on iOS first time in November 2009 and for Symbian OS in May 2010. While for Andriod it was launched in August 2010. The app getting famous day by day due to status updates, voice and video calling, and payment features.

More than two billion users turn to WhatsApp each month to send 100 billion messages and to connect more than one billion calls each day. We are and will continue to be committed to your privacy with end-to-end encryption. Always and forever. Happy 12 years WhatsApp!

Moreover, on the 12th anniversary, the messaging app also iterated the user’s privacy again. “We’re and will continue to be committed to your privacy with end-to-end encryption”. It’s important to mention that the platform facing scrutiny for its updated Terms of Service and privacy policy.

However, due to backflash from users, the company has to postpone its new update to May 15. The users require to agree with the new Terms of Service and privacy policy of WhatsApp to continue the use of the app or stop using the service.

The company has pushed efforts to explain the new update. In the newspaper ad, WhatsApp describes how the new terms essentially affect the only business conversation. While the private chats will remain safe. It will also be showing a pop-up on top of the chat list to let users know about updates that will implement soon.


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