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Facebook’s Ignorance on Social Media Abuse to Public Figures

The modern generation is vocal and critical in social media this has raised some issues in previous years to social media abuse to general users and celebrities also to public figures who share or create content in social media for their benefit and fame.

Although Facebook has tolerated and allowed online abuse recently, they have restricted and bought up new methods to control and eradicate online abusers to safeguard users, it is still a controversial topic among the general social media users.

The new set of rules and guidelines have been updated by Facebook in 2020, to bring the online abuse under control but it hasn’t been efficient as we thought it would be alas the abuse on public figures and guidelines to prevent that has taken rather a similar route before the new restrictions were initiated.

The ironically and bizarre factor considering online abuse on public figures has been rather a joke than strict enforcement on the set of guidelines. Rules and regulations state that if a public figure or a newsperson with more than 100,000 followers or fans, it’s ok to troll them but don’t tag them while abusing or discriminating against them.

This is rather an ignorance by Facebook by not firmly supporting these public figures in all ways possible and let them be exposed to online abuse and criticisms in a different route without tagging them which still harms the figures mental health and his/her social life. As in for private individuals Facebook has a better and bold policy of removing content if it’s meant to degrade or shame that individual.

Fortunately, there seems to be an exception for children under 13 years old or “involuntary” public figures. Sources like the guardian has mentioned that Facebook is yet to define” public figures” and it will soon be updated but no news on when that is to happen.


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