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Spotify’s Latest Designed Desktop and Web Apps

Spotify launched its new and updated version of the Spotify app a few days before. The recently redesigned app offers some new features to its web play in both mac and windows, as well as the updated web app. The latest design offers a focused improvement in navigation and access to new controls and features across search, playlist, radio, their queue, library, and more.

The new eye-catching feature is Spotify’s search bar placement, as before it was placed on the top left hand of the screen which has been moved to the navigation bar on the left. Users may take a while to adjust to this new improved feature. The library, home, search, and playlist are placed on the left side of the black navigation bar.

The prominent change can be noticed in the library menu, previously all of your Made for You, liked songs, Discover Weekly, Daily mixes, Podcast, and more would be housed in the left navigation bar. Now it’s all under one roof under Your library link.

The playlist also got a moderate update. Users can now write descriptions, upload any image they want, and drop tracks into their existing playlist. They also can use a new embedded search bar located on top of the “create playlist” page to seek out new songs or podcasts to add to their playlist. This feature could be efficient, by reducing the steps which are usually taken from finding a track and getting into the playlist.

The new app update includes a refreshed listener profile page, which features both your top artist and tracks. Premium subscribers now have the option to download music, podcast and listen to them offline, via a download button on the desktop. The newly updated Spotify app certainly gives some new features to its update but overall, it didn’t make many changes.


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