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Samsung S21 Drops Price and Conquers the Market

Samsung Galaxy smartphones have been one of the top sellers. The pandemic affected the economy massively last year which was the same time when Samsung released its Samsung Galaxy S20 without a doubt it was one of the best smartphones to be in the market. However, people didn’t opt to buy Samsung Galaxy S20 since it was expensive.

To recapture the market Samsung team came up with a new marketing strategy, they learned from their previous mistake and introduced a new cheap Samsung smartphone knowing there are people still recovering from the pandemics’ huge hit on the economy and their personal lives.

During the first quarter of this year, Samsung released their new S21 in the Samsung Galaxy phone series, with an absolute jackpot in their pricing scheme which took the customers by surprise and it a huge surplus in their selling. The S21 sold thrice as much as the Samsung S20, by this time last year and it contributes almost half of all sales. It’s priced at an unbelievable rate of $800. It holds the market by one of the cheap Samsung, smartphones to buy this year.

Samsung has lowered their price up to $200 from Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Ultra, which is a huge reason for the S21 to be in such a place in the market. Atlas research and consulting have mentioned that Samsung managed to sell 590,000 units of their latest Galaxy series. The data shows that this will help Samsung capture back their place in the market from Apple whom they lost it to last year. The data still indicates Apple is still ahead of Samsung.


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