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Apple Planning to Launch Smartwatch for Extreme Sports

Apple is well known for its smartphones and other computer devices also apple has the market for its smartwatches, contributing up to 40% of all smartwatches. Apple has previously come up with Apple watch series 1,2,3, 4, 5, and 6 but apple watches started getting noticed from the Apple series watch 3 onwards.

While all these Apple series watches have been successful and efficient in the market the one which stands out is their Apple series watch 3 and apple watch SE the latest of all features came out in Apple’s release of the Apple watch series 6 which has blood oxygen measuring.

This isn’t a new feature in the market this has been already implicated by Garmins for years but it’s one step closer to a more comprehensive and capable fitness band.

Apple has been a prominent leader in the market but they lack one thing that other smartwatches like G-Shock and Garmin offer. The Rugged exterior for harsh environment and extreme sports.

Apple Watch Owners Will Soon Be Able To Unlock Their iPhone Even If They Are Wearing A Mask

Bloomberg mentioned that Apple is considering launching an Apple watch with a rugged casing later in 2021 or early 2022 mainly targeting athletes, hikers, and others who prefer more a rugged and a hard casing smartwatch to support them in their activities. This new Apple watch would have the same functionalities as the typical Apple series watches with a much more durable casing.

Although there has not been much information about the release yet this smartwatch could take the market by surprise given the fact that Apple already dominates 40% of the smartwatch market. It is unlikely Apple would release this version alone, this new rugged watch could be released alongside the updated series of Apple watches.


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