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Dasung Planning to Launch 25-inch E INK, Monitor

Dasung the Chinese tech company has come up with new technology to help people who face eye strains and other issues whilst working in front of a monitor for long hours. The Paperlike 253 monitor is a 25.3 inches e-ink screen. With a resolution of 3200 x 1800 pixels.

The usual LCD, RGB monitors which are mostly used wide the work area causes some minor headaches and eyestrains for most of the employees, whereas Dasung has come with a larger version of a kindle reader which won’t harm your eyes in any way.

It doesn’t have an internal battery, a processor, RAM, or internal storage. It is just a monitor, with an e-ink display instead of OLED, LED, LCD, etc. this isn’t a cheap monitor for PC.

If you look at the overall design of Dasung Paperlike 253 it is stunning. The buttons are at the bottom with a gunmetal silver strap on them and a slim black bezel on the sides and top. The back of the monitor is pure silver.

It carries its disadvantages too such as if you are a person who used to high refresh rate screen Dasung monitors are impartially low. It’s a bit highly-priced compared to regular monitors. Although Dasung hasn’t yet released the retail price for their new Paperlike 253 it’s rumored to be around $3000 making it the most expensive E INK product ever produced.


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