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Razer Revolutionizes Face Masks With Project Hazel

The pandemic bought the N95 and surgical masks into the highlight and showed its priority amongst society and front-line workers. Razor has produced millions of high-quality certified masks and face shields for front-line workers. Since wearing masks is the new normal Razor has expanded their horizons to produce a Razer facemask is deemed as the “world’s smartest mask”.

Some of the fashion, industries have made masks into a masked clothing fashion trend whilst it’s the same as a surgical mask a bit overpriced. Razer’s new RGB facemask is a classified N95 respirator that provides a high fluid resistance that protects against dews and splashes. It also has active ventilation which transfers cool air in and releases heat produced from exhaling.

Project hazel is the answer to what the world’s smartest mask would look like. The Razer mask has a transparent design in the mouth area which is a huge advantage so that people can read your lips.

The RGB lighting features helps to light up the mask in dark. The mask is also waterproof and scratch-resistant and made of recyclable plastic which will reduce wastage, unlike the regular mask. There’s also a silicon guard around your face to make you feel more comfortable and also has a voice amp technology so your speech won’t be muffled.

Overall Razers project Hazel RGB mask is designed to be safe social, sustainable, comfortable, and personalized with 16.8 million colors and a suite of iconic effects.


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