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Microsoft’s Free Games for April

Since Microsoft’s new-gen Xbox got released Microsoft has been giving plenty of free games, offers, and promotions to their users. This month Microsoft has announced 4 free games on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S for Xbox live gold and Xbox game pass, ultimate subscribers.

For April, unfortunately, there are no AAA blockbuster games available for Xbox live gold or Xbox game passes ultimate subscribers, something is better than nothing free games are always appreciated. These games might not be the top games but worth adding and boosting the gaming library. All of Aprils Xbox free games are compatible to play in Xbox Series X through backward compatibility.

This month brings us a mix-up of the genre in games Microsoft released as Xbox free games. Truck racing game or an action-packed game such as the Vikings: Wolves of Midgard. It’s a mixture of the genre to relax and entertain their user.

April 2021 free games:

  1. Vikings: Wolves of Midgard ($39.99): Available April 1 to 30
  2. Truck Racing Championship ($59.99): Available April 16 to May 15
  3. Dark Void ($14.99): Available April 1 to 15
  4. Hard Corps: Uprising ($14.99) Available April 16 to 30

We believe Microsoft will come up with a better collection for upcoming months but it’s always better to have some extra games when it’s especially free to add to your collection.


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