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Casio Revitalizes G-Shock With OS Smartwatches

Casio has stepped into the smartwatch industry with its new GSW-H1000. Casio G Shock watches are usually known for their rugged and hard use exterior. This will be Casio’s first G-Shock smartwatch with a color display powered by Google wear OS platform. It is said to be the new G-Shock smartwatches will be priced at $699 and would be released in 3 different colors red, blue and black.

GSW-H1000 also comes with several other features which are expected on a fitness-focused smartwatch. There’s an optical heart rate sensor with built-in software which supports 15 activities and 24 indoor workout options.

It also includes GPS and has a built-in compass, altitude sensor, accelerometer, and gyrometer to guide hikers and travelers who go out on adventures. Using google wear OS also means that you can download apps from google play. The new GSW-H1000 has a water-resistant level of up to 200 meters designed for everything from surfing and snowboarding.

Taking a look at its exterior build, the watch has a 1.2-inch 360 x 360 dual-layer display, that combines a monochrome always-on LCD with a color LCD panel. Which will be highly efficient in its battery life-extending it up to a month if you only use the watch for timekeeping and sensors.

It takes up to 3hrs for a full charge. The Smartwatch market is already being dominated by several other brands and Apple smartwatches being the dominant competitor in smartwatches G-Shock will have high competition when it releases.


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