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LG Smartphones Era Meets Its End

LG is quitting the highly competitive smartphone industry. The South Korean tech monsters stated their exit from the smartphone industry and are closing down its mobile phone sector after years of running under a loss.

This decision by LG can be seen in a different perspective while it is sad to lose a competitor in the smartphone industry, LG has scheduled to use its resources in other fields such as electric vehicle components, connected devices, smart homes, robotics, AI, and business to business solutions.

Whilst LG smartphones were in the market, they weren’t prominent as they fellow competitors Apples or Samsung neither did they have an eye-catching LG smartphone released which was a rare occurrence but they always were innovative with their designs, being the first to introduce the curved smartphone screen plus the ultrawide screens which we use in every product now.

LG mentioned that the remaining smartphones in the market will be on sale and they will support their current products for a period that may vary for each region. They expect to come to closure within the smartphone industry by end of July.

LG goes under the bus like several other competitors before who have ruled the smartphone market like Nokia. LG smartphones just couldn’t keep up with their smartphones rivals, even though they mentioned earlier this year that they are looking to make 2021 a profitable year for LG smartphones, but sadly LG’s reign in the smartphone industry has met its end.


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