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Twitter’s Entry Into The Live Audio Stream

Twitter decides to introduce a similar feature like Clubhouse social media app introducing a live audio conversation-only feature within Twitter called Twitter spaces. it will be an only audio chat room feature allowing to connect people of the same interests or conversational topics.

The Twitter website didn’t try to keep the Twitter space no secret as they announced on their Twitter site about how they were going to introduce twitter space to all platforms.

Earlier it was only available in IOS and last month it came in Android as well. Currently twitter spaces only being available on mobile right now, the latest introductory to the web would be an important expansion for Twitter to attract more users since it’s a well-known social media platform. While clubhouse focusing only on IOS users as of now, Twitter space will be a boost to all other general users.

Twitter also added few extra features to its app and website similar to Instagram, Snapchat such as the disappearing post feature. Users can now add stickers in form of GIFs and twemojis. The updated features in addition to twitter spaces expect to boost Twitter user rate.


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