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What is Progressive Web App?

It is a web application which is built using technologies such as HTML, CSS and java script. On the other hand, there’s native app which is a software customized for only certain programming languages for example IOS has its own programming language so does Android. Native apps are used in high end tech companies to maintain a unique style.

The modern technology helps us to turn any PWA into an app like twitter as we see we are able to browse it through the web and download the application in our phones and use it as an app. PWA is more of a universal donor allowing us to run it on any device or platform regardless it being Android or IOS.

Companies like Starbucks, Pinterest, Uber, Flipboard etc… uses PWA tech. PWA offers a lot of positive advantages compared to native apps, its compatible in different types of screen or gadgets, easy to install, custom offline experience such as airline apps showing airfare and relevant information even when they are offline, discoverable through search, visible icon, works in any browser or input devices.

Native apps on the other hand are a bit more complicated than the PWA as they are different for separate tech giants, they involve of learning a totally different language for different tech giants and without saying they are expensive. Native apps can only be downloaded through an app store or a google play store and users will have to check and agree to multiple agreements before installing.


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