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Google I/O Developer Conference 2021

Google has announced their official date for their annual Google I/O developer conference which is to take place on the 18th to 20th may 2021, this time it will be held virtually. Google will be discussing their latest developer products and the new line of pixel smartphones as well. Since google skipped last year’s I/O developer conference this time they are expecting to cover a full update in several segments.

Google I/O is an annual developer conference in which they make big announcements and also communicate with both consumers and developers. This event will host workshops, ask me anything sessions, and interactive meetups. The official google I/O webpage will update the conference agenda in late April 2021. This conference will help people who are interested in Google’s technology and get their updates on the latest product releases, ideas, and insights from Google experts.

Viewers can register on Google I/O’s official website to reserve their virtual seats for workshops and participate in ask me anything sessions that will be live-streamed. Users will also have the ability to chat inside I/O adventure. At this conference, google may discuss their new update to android devices and more information about the new Pixel 5a.

Every year google hypes the event with a cryptic puzzle which makes the users curious to figure out their theme and event dates this year google chose to release a famous quote with blank letters for its attributes: “It matters little who first arrives at an idea, rather wat is significant is how far that idea can go”


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