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Tim Bernes-Lee

Tim Berners-Lee attempts to restore privacy among web users.

Tim Berners-Lee founded the World Wide Web back in 1989 which has changed our futures forever since its creation. After three decades and 4.57 billion users, later Tim Berners-Lee the web inventor is back on a mission to save his creation from rising privacy problems.

There have been numerous scandals and reports of data being leaked and stolen recently 87 million Facebook users’ data was obtained without consent. Tim Berners-Lee has led numerous campaigns persuading the government to act on this matter. Howsoever since there hasn’t been a strong response from the relevant authorities regarding this matter Tim Berners-Lee has taken charge of his issue with his own hands he’s trying to turn our online world upside down or as he calls it which is the correct term the “right way up”. Solid, a new system aiming to drastically decentralize the web. At its core, it’s a platform allowing you to store your private information in Personal Online Data Stores (PODS) which you have full power and sight over.

The apps and sites we use store our data in a silo out of your reach. Solid on the other hand requests for permission to use specific information from your PODS which you can remove at any time. In a simpler term, it will be you who holds full control over your data, not any big techs selling your data. Lack of online privacy isn’t just a normal issue about companies having your data they use clickbait to make you click on unnecessary stuff. Using your private information they build a profile and figure out exactly who you are and predicting every action of yours. They know the lies which would lead you up to interesting content which can be used to manipulate your political, commercial, or criminal views.

Solid will be able to revolutionize how things are done it can help us in so many ways protecting our data and giving us the power of our data but the government also will have to help better this new innovative idea by making rules and laws to conduct this efficiently and safely.


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