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Google Introduces New Logica programming language

Google introduced their new open-source Logica programming language on the 12th of April, a logic programming language designed to solve problems of SQL by using the syntax of mathematical propositional logic rather than natural languages.

It is a successor to Google’s Yedalog language. Among the programming languages Google has created, this is one of the most efficient programming languages. It was created designed for engineers, data scientists, and other specialists, it compiles code to SQL and runs on the Google BiqQuery cloud-based data warehouse, with experimental support for PostgreSQL and SQLite.

SQL is a complex programming language, meanwhile Logica on the other hand is more efficient like its concise and supports reusable abstractions. It can also be used from an interactive Python notebook by supporting modules and imports which makes the testing queries easy and natural.

Logica solves problems of SQL by using the syntax of mathematical logic rather than the natural English language.  SQL on the other hand has an issue such as the verbosity of constructing statements from English words and limited support for abstraction.

Logica can be helpful in scenarios such as where programming is already being used and needs more computational power, where SQL is already in use and the individual isn’t satisfied with its readability, developers who want to learn and apply programming on large scale data processing. Developers need Python 3 to run logica locally; however, google has set up a tutorial to help developers learn logica.


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