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GitHub Grants One Crore to Open-source Developers

GitHub is the largest open-source developer platform in the world. They launched a new official unit in India last year. Since the business in India has bloomed as expected GitHub offers a grant of one crore which will support and fund open-source maintainers and contributors in their work.

GitHub also has promoted start-up grants in India so far there have been 200 startups through GitHub’s business grants for small businesses. The company also announced that it will offer grants to over 1000 new start-up businesses in India in the coming year.

GitHub has around 5.8 million developers on their platform and about 1.8 million of them are from India. They are expecting around 10 million developers on their platform by 2023. India is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world in terms of new developers contributing to open source.

Open source has contributed a lot during the pandemic last year working on several projects such as the John Hopkins COVID-19 dashboard and India.org’s COVID-19 tracking dashboard also has been created on GitHub. Since India has a large ecosystem GitHub is highly interested in investing more in India in the coming years.


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