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What are No-code and Low-code?

Four out of five people aren’t familiar with the term “no-code”. No-code is the future of coding. No-code is a development platform without a large amount of code to build software applications. No-code platforms mostly are created for business people who have no coding knowledge.

Generally, a software application is coded with instructions on how to perform the desired function, through no-code the app creator determines what the app does rather than how it does. 70% of the new upcoming business choose no-code than creating an own website hiring software developers which will cost them.

Low-code is also a rising and upcoming platform; its software may seem similar to no-code but it’s not. A low-code platform can also be used by people with no coding knowledge but at some point, they will need a developer. Low-code is a prebuilt functionality that allows users to build their application only up to a certain point.

We would wonder how does no-code software which has no coding function work, No-code platforms are pre-built therefore there isn’t any coding to be done by the users and is a drag-and-drop that has been coded for reuse and scale.

No-code is very user-friendly and simple to use and anyone with an internet connection can have access to it. No-code is low in cost, better agility increases productivity, and easily changeable making it an uprising software amongst businesses.

However, there are few cons too, there could be security concerns since it’s not a personalized or carefully programmed software, rigid templates limiting what you can build and you don’t own your source code.


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