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Linux Graphical User Interface on Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 newest version is testing the ability to run Linux graphical user interfaces (GUI) through Windows Insiders. Windows 10 latest update has added an Eco mode, which controls the programs consuming excessive system resources and shows classifications for Edge browser components-Tabs, Browser processes, and utility plugins.

So far, these features are considered experimental and as of yet, there’s no news regarding when this will be available on the stable versions of Windows 10. Currently, they’re only available on Windows insider in the Dev channel, which is more experimental than beta and Release preview channels, we are expecting Windows 10 update anytime soon.

Eco-mode can be initiated to all of a process’s sub-processes. The process tree can be expanded to apply Eco mode on one of its child processes, some apps will apply Eco mode by themselves.

There are other new features too, a new on-screen keyboard for the Japanese 50-on system, also a good number of fixes and minor interface tweaks, such as warning language when you need to reauthorize your account and when the night light dims the screen and a Windows Experience Feature Pack Updates.

Linux (WSL) which only has a supported command-line Linux functionality will be updated with the new GUI support allowing developers to run both programming software like editors but also test their GUI Linux apps using WSL, this will be helpful factor for developers.

So far Windows support for Linux was text-based and it mostly was of interest to developers and Technorati. Along with the new addition of GUI support for apps, enlarges the circle of its users who want to run Linux with actual interfaces.


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