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AWS DeepRacer Project Combines With Open-source Developers

AWS networking has opened up welcoming open-source developers to involve them in their project with AWS DeepRacer ROS 2. Reinforcement learning (RL) is one of the most prominent machine learning for training robots in simulation. RL allows models to learn complex behavior without training data which assists the model in making short-term decisions whilst optimizing for longer-term goals.

AWS DeepRacer is an autonomous 1/18th scale race car designed to test RL models by racing on the physical track. Over 85,000 employees are working in the AWS DeepRacer virtual and in-personal leagues.

AWS DeepRacer developers want to take this a step further in areas such as navigation, perception, and prototyping robotics application. To make this process easier AWS has hired open-source developers from GitHub.

Initial AWS DeepRacer was built as a ROS Kinetic architecture and application it’s popular amongst the developer community ROS is a flexible framework for developing robotic applications. ROS 2 Foxy is the latest framework for developing robots, it is highly secured and reliable ROS distribution. Most of the developers prefer building a new application initially to designing a robot first.

Most of the robots take up to few hours to few days to build and configure even though they are capable of running ROS. AWS also provides an integrated hardware and software kit for those who want to be involved in the ROS 2 ecosystem.

AWS is also releasing three new sample applications. The first sample application follows the leader (FTL), which allows the DeepRacer to detect a person and follow them around an indoor environment. The second sample application is the Mapping project which allows mapping both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The final sample application is an Off-Road project that uses QR codes as a waypoint to maneuver AWS DeepRacer. AWS believes this the future of robotics development combining hands with open-source developers and they encourage and celebrate the open-source developers by offering a 25% discount on all AWS DeepRacer and AWS DeepRacer pro vehicles until the end of May.


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