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Microsoft 10 Update With Improved Bluetooth Audio

Microsoft Windows 10 latest update is scheduled for later this year which will include major audio improvements. This update will allow Windows users to have more choices over Bluetooth headphones and speakers since it’s finally the Advance Audio Coding (AAC).

Windows previously only supported SBC and AptX over Bluetooth, but the latest addition of AAC will potentially unlock the ability of better audio quality in Apple range products and would also support any potential Apple Music or streaming.

Microsoft has also improved their Bluetooth input option in the latest updater so there won’t be multiple devices anymore. Windows has faced issues like exposing multiple Bluetooth profiles for headphones and speakers leading to confusing some apps thinking there are multiple devices.

Windows will soon be using a single audio endpoint to help with this issue. While these are some welcoming changes Microsoft has included, they could further add a third-party app called EarTrumpet which can replace the tray sound icon and let you control multiple outputs, headsets, or digital-to-analog converters.

Either way, the latest update of window 10 which is set to be coming at the end of the year will be an important one. This will also fix problems such as the apps rearrange on multiple monitors when you resume from standby it will also include the Xbox Auto HDR feature for PC games, new File Explorer icons, and Linux GUI app for developers.


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