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Spotify’ New Live Audio Content

Spotify recently joined hands with Locker Room for their new live audio experience. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said that Live audio will be the new Stories which is commonly available throughout major social media platforms. Locker Room who’s well known for its range of live audio communication around sports, culture, and music. The Locker Room will be rebranded as Spotify Greenroom through this new feature.

However, with Spotify partnering up with Locker Room there’s still the question of how is it all going to work. Like how Stories were introduced only in Snapchat at first and became a trend amongst the rest of the platforms, Spotify sees a similar occurrence with their Live audio and there will be engagement to this mostly sort of creator-to-fan affinity type of interaction.

Spotify sees this platform to attract music lovers and create a communication base between them and their fans in the music industry. Clubhouse introduced the live audio spaces which was a private chatroom with only invitees and it attracted prolific names such Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Drake, and more also it had a crowd determined networkers who joined Clubhouse for their invite-only audio spaces soon after the other tech companies took a notice of this new feature, they started building their Clubhouses.

As people start engaging in a feature of new medium you start to see popular artists engaging too. Spotify expects a lot of musicians to engage with this feature for them to engage with their fans because this a solely music-based app.

There could be insights for fans to listen to a few lines of their favorite artist’s new album before it releases in the mainstream. Spotify has over 8 million creators whose content is of quality, Spotify believes. Even though Spotify lost some users in recent times to Apple and Amazon this new feature could give some fans a reason to tune back.


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