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Google vs Windows

Google and Microsoft are ready for war

Recent reports suggest that the 6-year truce between the tech giants Microsoft and Google has come to an end. The truce was signed back in 2015 between Microsoft and Google to avoid legal battles and complaints to regulators which expired this April. Since the truce ended the battle between Microsoft and Google seem to start again, when Microsoft first supported a law in Australia that demands Google should pay to news publishers for their content they also criticized Google’s structure over controlling the Google ads and forcing publishers to use Google tools for Google advantage.

Microsoft and Google tried to strengthen their ties by making Android apps run on windows, but unfortunately, it fell through and Microsoft partnered with Amazon to get the Android apps paired up with the upcoming Windows 11. There were several cold wars between Google and Microsoft like the peak of Windows Phone in 2013, there was also a heat over YouTube between Microsoft and Google. Several things have changed since the initial truce including the leaders but since the truce has ended both the giants are starting to be at each other’s throats.


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