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Billionaire Sir Richard Branson flies to space

UK businessman and the Virgin Galactic owner Sir Richard Branson travelled to space in his own Virgin Galactic rocket “Unity”, reaching space along with three crewmates and two pilots upfront that is leaving from the spaceport in New Mexico.  This journey and dream of Sir Richard Branson were first noted in 2004; since then, it has been on schedule except for few setbacks, fatal crashes making this a challenging venture. Beth Moses, the chief astronaut instructor at Virgin Galactica, will be instructing Sir Richard Branson in this journey. She is the only crew member from this panel who has been to space before, and she has described it as saying it is just Phenomenal.

Initially, the former CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos was set to be the first billionaire to travel space when he first announced his departure on the 20th of July, in his rocket and capsule known as the New Shepherd constructed in his own Aerospace company Blue Origin. Even though Sir Richard has claimed the first-flight bragging rights, there has been a backlash from Blue Origin through a tweet mentioning the Karman line, the intentionally recognized access line where space begins at 100 km. Still, Sir Richard has reached up only 90 km. Other factors such as the vehicle type, windows, escape system mention that the technology and comfort at Blue Origin are better than Virgin Galactico.

There have been several controversial opinions from different people regarding the modern trend of billionaire’s dream of flying to space and colonizing other planets. But, at the same time, there are many issues to be taken care of.


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