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A new messaging feature for Clubhouse users

Since introducing the Clubhouse app for Android, they have added a new texting feature for clubhouse audio called “Backchannel” allowing users to send text messages. It was about time Clubhouse came up with this new feature for Clubhouse audio to expand their brand allowing Clubhouse users to socialize with their followers.

Backchannel allows users to start convos behind the scene on the social audio app. It offers both personal chat and group chat features. Clubhouse speakers now can organize or coordinate in advance through messaging while running a room also answer text-based questions in the middle of the session. Clubhouse users can’t share images or videos but can send links through Backchannel for now, but the next update will most likely allow all media to be transferred across Backchannel. The main action will remain to be centered around voice-based rooms, texting around Backchannel is convenient you can connect with people you know or want to know. Backchannel is available across iOS and Android apps for Clubhouse. There’s a little paper airplane icon on the profile page or swipe right from the main menu to pull it up.


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