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KFC 5g

KFC’s 5g food truck in China

KFC in China has taken some advanced measurements to follow social distancing, KFC has installed 5g in autonomous vehicles to deliver food. These self-driving trucks can travel up to 100 kilometers on a single charge with a maximum speed of 50 km/hr, these self-driving trucks can detect and avoid any obstacles with the help of their sensors.

The main goal of this new initiative is to minimize human contact and promote social distancing to avoid the spread of COVID. The self-driving trucks were developed in Shanghai by Neolix, it is simple for the consumers to order food or beverage through a touch screen, once the selection is done they can pay through their Smartphone when the payment is successful the food compartment unlocks to take their food package. Although this new contactless system is on display some people do have concerns over the freshness of the chicken.

Neolix, the makers of this innovative food truck has been in the autonomous venture for quite a while now, they have bagged a $29 million deal for mass production of such food trucks, Neolix has also partnered up with Pizza hut, hopefully, we will be seeing the Pizza hut food truck in near future.


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