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What is open source?

Open-source boosts confidential computing

Open-source computing is becoming famous which is good news for people who look for a better and stronger security approach in enterprises. Open source is developed by a wider community with diverse backgrounds and mindsets. More the coders more the security, and there’s a wide range of programming variables now in play. 

This collaboration is a strong advantage for the emerging field of confidential computing. Confidential computing has a high level of security in protecting data while being processed, using hardware-based techniques to isolate data. The TEE makes sure only the authorized code can access data-keeping information away from cloud or infrastructure providers. If the code is misrepresented or tampered TEE denies access. This helps increase security.

A confidential computing consortium is the center of confidential computing. Hardware vendors, cloud providers, and software developers concentrate on accelerating the adoption of industry-wide standards for confidential computing and promoting the development of open-source confidential computing tools. Enclave SDK, Enarx, Occlum, Graphene, Keystone, and Veracruz are supported by CCC and other open sources which help developers build an application that’s functions across TEE platforms. The consortium which is launched under the auspices of the Linux Foundation works to define standards for confidential computing supporting the development and adoption of open-source tools. AMD, Arm, Facebook, Fortanix, Google, Huawei, IBM are a few of the members who use this technology. Confidential computing is mainly used in sensitive personal, commercial, or government data this allows big parties to safely secure data. Early users of this technology were from the health, research, and government sectors. The finance sector is also taking the necessary steps to be involved with this technology.


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