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Facebook Blocks Hashtag In India Over The Pandemic Calling Out For The Resignation Of Narendra Modi

The recent unfortunate events in India saw the Indian Facebook and Twitter rage with the hashtag #ResignModi calling for the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi to resign from his prime minister post.

Facebook briefly blocked over 12,000 posts about the Indian government during this unrest situation in India. Users who were searching the given hashtag were responded with a “temporarily hidden” message from Facebook.

Later on, the hashtag was accessible on Facebook and a Facebook spokesperson stated that the occurrence of the blocking of the hashtag was by mistake and not because the Indian government asked them to.

Facebook India has previously been criticized by the Wall Street Journal because of the connection between a top Indian policy employee and Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party. That employee resigned shortly after posting content that described the Indian Muslims as a “degenerate community”

All this feud started earlier this week when there was a rapid rise of coronavirus patients in India. The nation is experiencing 360,000 new coronavirus cases daily which is said to be not the most accurate number and the Indian authorities are not allowing the real numbers to public information.

The virus is mutilating and a new strain called Triple Mutant COVID hit the Indians bad causing several deaths and overflowing the hospitals with covid patients. This resulted in a lack of medical facilities for the Indians. Shortage of basic needs like hospital beds and oxygen cylinders saw the Indians rage against the government who responsible for the basic needs.

However, the US has promised India to rapidly deploy its aid. India being one of the largest manufacturers of the COVID vaccine is under a critical situation because of this unexpected occurrence.


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