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Japan records the fastest fiber optic internet speed at 319 Terabits per second

Japanese engineers just blew the fastest internet speed that was set previously in 2020 at 178 terabits. This was surpassed twice through a fiber cable speed of 319 terabits. The paper which was published at the international conference on Optical Fiber Communications in June shows that the line of fibers extended more than 1,864 miles (3,000 km) long, which suits the modern-day infrastructure.

The speed of the latest discovery cannot be stressed enough with the lengths it could go. NASA uses a fiber optic speed of 400 Gb/s, the new record that was set can change the way the internet is received among ordinary consumers. the team has used four “cores”, instead of the conventional standard core they have used glass tubes housed within the fibers to transmit the data. The signals that are sent are broken down into several wavelengths at the same time, with a technique known as wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM). The new system’s transmission process begins with a 552-channel comb laser fired at various wavelengths.

Through this new technology, the Japanese engineers have done a novel engineering method that can be integrated into the modern-day fiber optic infrastructure with minimal effort. This technology could literally change everything.


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